Recently made a move to Linux, the transition has not been to tough except for some applications that are macOS specific. Have been using a MacBook Pro 15 w/ touchbar for over two years now and have not been a fan of it since I made purchased. Now with the latest macOS (Catalina) it’s been like pulling teeth to use it. So I borrowed a Lenovo ThinkPad T480 from work, added an extra 8GB of ram and it has been great to use. Ubuntu 19.10 works wonderfully on it and practically every device I have for purchased for the MacBook Pro has worked on the T480, even the LG 5K which always gave me problems on the MacBook Pro.

The Lenovo T480 surprised me with how much you can added/change to it. It can go up to 32GB of ram, has a spot for a WWAN card even has a spot for the SIM card, handles NVMe storage, the WiFi card is upgradable, and it has built in battery on top of the secondary battery it comes with which is also upgradable. Really impressed with what Lenovo has done with the ThinkPad brand.

Jon Molina @jonmolina