Call me the Answer man!

Jesse E: how do I screen capture in osx?
KNK: app called grab in the utilities folder
Jesse E: k thanks
KNK: i dont remember the keyboard shortcut
KNK: i use a widget called screenshot plus .... awesome widget
Jesse E: nothing that says grab in there?
Jesse E: no ?
KNK: there should be a Grab app with scissors on it
Jesse E: and whats the keyboard shortcut for the dashboard
KNK: F12 or click on the icon on the dock
Jesse E: ahh in the utils dir. I found it
KNK: come on those are to easy to ask
KNK: thats what i said
Jesse E: but u have all the answers
Jesse E: though I know u are working
Jesse E: hahaah
KNK: ur not the only one that has said that
Jesse E: :-p
Jon Molina @jonmolina